Center for Heart Function

Our multidisciplinary team of experts are trained in many heart conditions, including heart valve disease; coronary artery disease; congenital heart disease in adults; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; heart failure; and heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias).

These care providers work together to evaluate and treat patients utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies. Testing and treatment may include: nuclear medicine; transcatheter aortic valve replacement; cardiac catherization; and stents.

Partnering with the most important team member — our patient — HIMG's expert team focuses on each individual, including meeting each patient's needs as a whole person and taking the time to listen and answer questions.

Collaborative care. Cardiologists at HIMG collaborate with experts in many specialties to provide you with comprehensive care. These experts include surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, endocrinologists and doctors in many other specialties.

Focused on you. Having all this expertise in a single place — focused on you — means that you're not just getting one opinion. Your care is discussed among the extended team, your test results are available quickly, and appointments are scheduled in coordination. Specialists work together for you. Your evaluation can typically be done in a matter of days at HIMG.

Call us for an appointment at (304) 697-6000. 

HIMG Cardiology is an outpatient department of St. Mary's Medical Center.